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Target Stores’ Card Compromise

Target Stores has reported a potential security breach regarding debit and credit cards used at their stores from November 27th through December 15th.  The Secret Service and other entities are working with Target to obtain additional information.

While this may not affect every one of our customers, we are working diligently to protect all cardholders who may be affected by this event.  We are monitoring card activity, contacting clients impacted and will be reissuing cards that may have been compromised.

The Bank & Trust is committed to helping all impacted clients maintain their card access during this holiday season.  As always, we encourage all of our customers to monitor their accounts, and notify us of any unauthorized or suspicious activity.

For more information on this card compromise, please visit

We have been advised that customers who have a Target REDcard (issued by Target) should watch your bank checking accounts closely for unauthorized ACH transactions.  If you have any questions about your Target REDcard, please contact Target – from inside the U.S. call: 1.888.755.5856, from outside the U.S. call: 1.612.307.8622.


We have received notification of increased activity of a nationwide fraud scam involving malware screen takeover that is targeting token users.  Signs to watch for include customers who are experiencing difficulty logging in or closing sessions – particularly token users.  This particular malware variant will prompt a user to input account and/or token data, which then results in another screen prompt indicating that the user will be unable to access the account for 24-hours while maintenance is performed.   This allows the fraudster to take over the session and commit fraud while the user is detained on the fake “maintenance” screen.  Remember the bank will never ask you to input confidential information such as your SSN/TAX ID online. 

If you suspect fraudulent activity, please notify our electronic banking department immediately by calling 979-260-2119.



We have also received word of a cell phone text scam that is occurring in our area.  Customers are receiving a text to their cell phone saying their MasterCard has been locked, requesting they enter their card number to unlock the card for usage.  Please DO NOT send this information; this is a scam.

Phishing Text Messages

Beware of text messages that are being sent to consumers fraudulently claiming to be from your bank.  These text messages are coupled with a toll free number (for example: 844-326-3733) which the recipient is asked to call.  Return calls to the number have the victim enter card or account data which is “validated” by having it entered a second time.  The senders of the messages are conducting a text-phishing scam, attempting to trick recipients into providing sensitive financial information. 

As a reminder, banks will NEVER ask for personal information in a text message or an email.  If you receive a message like this, please delete and do not respond to it.



Always keep in mind that TB&T will never send email containing attachments, or require customers to send personal information to us via email or pop-up windows or ask you to re-enter login credentials multiple times.  Any unsolicited request for a Bank & Trust account information you receive through emails or Web sites should be considered fraudulent and reported to us immediately.