Frequently Asked Questions

What is the limit on withdrawing from my ATM/Debit card?

  • Individual transaction limit is $300 with a total withdrawal limit of $500 per business day on ATM withdrawals.
  • The daily dollar limit on all Point-of-Sale transactions is $750 (increased limit available by enrolling in the smsGuardian Text Alert Service).

What if my purchase amount exceeds my allowed limit on my ATM/Debit Card?

  • During banking hours, you may request a temporary increase for special circumstances by calling (979) 260-2100 or visit any banking center location.

What is the Trust24 Telephone Banking Number?

  • The toll free number for 24 hour telephone access to your accounts is 1-877-275-6785.

Who do I call if I lose my ATM/Debit card?

  • During Banking Hours, please call (979) 260-2100 and ask to speak to Customer Service.
  • After 5:00 p.m., on weekends, and on holidays, please call (866) 546-8273.

Is there a charge for internet banking or on-line bill payment services?

  • No. As a convenience to our customers, both internet banking and unlimited on-line BillPay are offered at no charge.

Does The Bank & Trust have a coin counter?

  • Yes, this service is provided at no charge for customers of The Bank & Trust.

    • 2900 South Texas Avenue in Bryan
    • 3400 Highway 21 East in Bryan
    • 2305 Texas Avenue South in College Station
    • 4450 State Highway 6 South in College Station

Does The Bank & Trust offer notary services?

  • Yes, as a convenience to our customers notary services are available.

How do I contact the three Major Credit Bureaus:

  • To Order a Credit Report:
    • Experian (888) 397-3742
    • Trans Union (800) 888-4213
    • Equifax (800) 685-1111
  • To Report Fraud:
    • Experian (888) 397-3742
    • Trans Union (800) 680-7289
    • Equifax (800) 525-6285

What do I need to open an account?

  • You will need two forms of identification
    • The first Primary forms are:
      • Current Drivers License (any state – photograph required)
      • Current State Issued ID (any state – photograph required)
      • Current Military Identification (photograph required)
      • Valid Passport (photograph required)
      • Current Permanent Resident Card (formerly Alien Identification) (photograph required)
      • If opening an account for a minor:  Valid Student Identification Card or U. S. Birth Certificate if a Student Identification Card is not available.
    • Secondary forms of ID to be used along with a primary form of ID as listed below for each customer (Any ID with an expiration must be current and not expired)
      • Social Security Card
      • Birth Certificate
      • Voter Registration -US (current address)
      • Utility Bill (current address)
      • Credit/Debit Card
      • Student ID
      • Insurance Card – Auto or Home
      • Medicare/Medicaid Card
      • Concealed Handgun License
      • Firearm License
      • Non-Resident Visa
      • Military ID
      • Passport
      • Permanent Resident Card
      • Matricula Consular Card

How do I order checks?

  • You can order your checks on The Bank & Trust website, call us, follow the instructions on your check reorder form, or drop off a blank deposit slip at the nearest Bank & Trust lobby. Click here to order checks now.

What is The Bank & Trust Routing Number?

  • 113194256

Do I have to be present to do a wire transfer?

  • Yes. Wire transfers require that you be present and have a proper identification. The deadline for wire transfers is 3:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

Is there an application fee when applying for a mortgage loan?

  • No

What do I need to bring to purchase a home aside from the application?

  • Pay Stubs (covering last 30 days)
  • W-2’s (2 most recent with attachments)
  • Bank Statements (2 most recent all pages – checking and savings)
  • Quarterly Investment Statements (most recent)
  • Other information may be requested at the time of application

What action do I need to take to apply for an open position with The Bank & Trust?

  • To be considered an applicant with The Bank & Trust, an individual interested in employment must:
    • Request and complete our written application form (application must be picked up at any of our locations) AND
    • Be minimally qualified for the position for which they are applying

How long is my employment application active?

  • Applications are considered active for 90 days from the date of submission. After that amount of time to be considered for an open position a new employment application must be submitted.